Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How to communicate

Up to now, we've been relying on people to send out messages to the ptlc email list (mostly Lynne -thank you, by the way). We'd like to make it easier to have a discussion and converse about the teacher center. So here are three ways to do so:

1. Comment on the blog - for those of you new to blogging, you can comment on any message posted by going to the bottom of the message and clicking "comment"

2. Join our new listserve- there is a new link on the blog (to your right) just enter in your email address and you will be signed up. When you sign up you can chose to have a "digest" of emails sent daily/weekly, or individual daily emails. You will also be able to post messages to everyone on the listserve.

3. Email - christina or kira will be checking it every few days.

Lets get the conversation going!!

Here are a few things to talk about -
Grant ideas
Fixing up the space
Workshop ideas (or, as Helen likes to say, "play"shop ideas - fun, making things)
Networking/partnership possibilities
Where to get donations

Also - if you have any "ptlc" pictures (of meetings or fun things we do), you can send them to the and we will post them in the "PTLC favorites" section of the blog, which is now currently featuring "Discovering Silkworms."

Have a good week everyone!


Christina said...

Let's start with the walls, shall we? What are some possible plans for the walls?

How do we get it? (donation??)
When do we do it?
Who does it?

Kira said...

Does anyone have leftover paint in their basements from previous painting jobs?

Christina said...

Oooh, I was so excited to see TWO posts. Ha! Hi, Kira!

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