Thursday, August 13, 2009

All moved out...

As of tonight (August 13, 2009), we will officially be OUT of our start up space in rear of Wissahickon Charter School. We have no solid plans for our next move, and welcome ideas you might have! In the meantime, PTLC meetings happen every Thursday from 4:45-6:45. Email me ( if you would like a schedule.

In the meantime, have a wonderful summer's end and a super start to your school year.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Come and Get It 2

Stop by to pick up quality, free classroom resources. We still have some nice sets of books for middle school and elementary school as well as many, many books to add to your classroom libraries. Lots of great manipulatives and magazines for projects... So much to chose from!

Be there:
Saturday, June 13
@ TeacherSPACE, 4700 WIssahickon Ave
(side, rear entrance of Wissahickon Charter School
2nd to the last door!!!)

Friday, May 22, 2009

HUGE Moving Event! Free, quality classroom supplies and resources!

We have to move out of our TeacherSPACE room at Wissahickon Charter School because the school is expanding. People will be looking into other locations. Meanwhile, here are two important dates for the TeacherSPACE.

SATURDAY, MAY 30th, 10 am until 3 pm COME AND GET IT. Please come to get supplies you will be able to use for projects perfect for the end of school: paper, magic markers, arts and crafts supplies.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 8th, 9 am - whenever. THE BIG CLEAN OUT.

We want to assure those of you who donated things TeacherSPACE that we will not be randomly throwing things away. We will be letting go of materials that are obviously worn out and outdated.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

What we learned from our author talk events

We were fortunate enough to welcome two authors of children and young adult literature to TeacherSPACE over the last few months. Paul Langan & Deborah Kogan Ray. Each shared their unique stories of becoming writers (and, for Deborah, an illustrator), what inspires their work, and the messages they hope to share with their readers. Paul talked about how, growing up, he found that writing gave him a "voice" to speak up against injustices and challenges. As an author, he aims to invite urban youth into reading by creating novels that speak of their own experiences, thus, giving a voice to their own lives. His series of novels - the Bluford Series- follows the life and times of urban adolescents and the many choices and challenges they face.

Deborah Kogan Ray came into writing through her love of art and illustration. She talked about how the subjects of her books often come to her in a serendipitous manner - they "speak" to her, and she feels a kinship with the story. Her stories and illustrations often celebrate nature, beauty, creativity, and the complexity of interpersonal relationships and family. Though many of her biographical books are of individuals that are not typically taught about in schools (i.e. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln), the underlying themes of family, overcoming challenges, and finding a "voice" resonate throughout them, and connect strongly with readers of all ages.

As teachers, we learned so much about how inspiration comes, the hard work and research that is involved in writing, and the role of finding and sharing a "voice" through writing. It reminds us to keep finding ways to learn about students driving interests, voices, and support them through providing them with a diverse range of experiences and materials.

Below are some photos from the event:

Deborah Kogan Ray discusses her work

Deborah Kogan Ray - Signing her latest book "Wanda Gag: The Girl Who Loved to Draw"

Paul Langan signing a book for one of his fans

Teachers AND students attended Paul Langan's Talk

To learn more about the authors:
Visit for Deborah Kogan Ray's website
Visit for Townsend Press, which publishes the Bluford Series

Anyone else who were any either of the events an wants to chime with their thoughts- feel free!!