Thursday, May 31, 2007

The best gifts were....

Today we had a fabulous "Shower" party for TeacherSPACE.
Many PTLC'ers came with donations for the space, such as teaching materials (maps, instructional videos, classroom organizers....), furniture, and decorations. The best gifts by far, however, were the energy and ideas that people shared. We started the afternoon discussing what we brought and why, and then launched into a conversation about ideas for the future. Many ideas about partnerships, resource sharing, and use of the space emerged -- and Christina and I were so happy to hear that many of the ideas were similar to some of the grants we've been thinking about applying to. We decided that we'll probably have a few planning sessions over the summer at TeacherSPACE about these projects and grants. We'll make the date announcements over the listserv and blog. Please share comments to this post of other ways you'd like to see the space being used over the summer (book clubs, joint material-making, other get-togethers, etc.).

After our discussion, we got right into working on the space - setting up, organizing and cleaning. It's really starting to feel like a home away from home. Below are some pictures:

A cozy spot

starting to fill the book cases with materials...

Some of the great book donations we've gotten - class sets, children's literature, professional books - all so wonderful!

An appetizing collection of hors d'ouerves
Some of us at the end of the meeting (many folks who came earlier are not pictured here)

Thanks again to everyone who came - this is a great start to the summer!!!


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jer said...

that is really
amazing! the difference
between this and
whe you first got the SPACE