Thursday, May 10, 2007

A temporary spiffing up

We had our first-ever PTLC meeting at TeacherSPACE today. Although we haven't painted yet, we wanted to make the place feel homey enough for a meeting, so we did some temporary spiffing up from the donated furnitures and supplies we had at hand. Here's a few shots from the meeting (excuse the picture quality - they are from a cell phone)

We've have some great donations of furniture come in so that helped a lot (thanks especially to Diane for the shelving and drawer set, and Mark for the recliner chairs!). Please keep em' coming!

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Christina said...

betsywice: What I liked about the first meeting ever at the TeacherSPACE was all the neat stuff people brought. Rhoda brought a large skull, antlers, some kind of leg bone, which Connie borrowed. Connie brought Scrabble and some magnetic sentence strips for poems, which Judy borrowed. Noga brought a huge map of the states, which will brighten our wall until someone borrows it. She also brought information from the Biography Project (an offspring of the Powel Biography Project) and I Am From Poems from her current third-grade class. Christina brought a list of field trips and books her previous class made, in Spanish and English, about sites to visit. Judy brought SquareofLife information (you can Google it and see projects from her school, Greenberg, and schools around the world). Odamis brought Foodworks, a book with science activities around food, and a book by Louis Phillip called Loose Leaf, with helpful ideas for writing with kids. Erica brought Conversation Cards in English/Chinese that have helped her newcomer students converse with native speakers. Chelsea brought a simple homemade book made out of one piece of construction paper, folded, focused on a science question ("Why do snakes shed?) with the answer researched by her student inside. Helen brought dyed cocoons, intense colors, which someone borrowed. Also lots of Chickensox activity books, laminated characters for triangle stages, index card books, a pantograph pack for someone to borrow.